Worlds of Wonder Decor


Yes, we really do love our fantastic festival installations and so does everyone who has experienced them.

With prior consultation and planning, we arrange our artwork, 3d inflatable shapes, lycra and other materials to form a predetermined theme and completely transform a location that never fails to amaze, delight and impress.

Marquees come in various shapes and sizes and Open Air locations present their own logistics in mounting decoration.

However, our use and experience with tensile steel cables ensures a secure and diverse use of space within both of these areas.

Previously, Worlds of Wonder have been installed in spaces that accommodate from 400 to 4000 people. This means that we have accumulated many skills and techniques to professionally deal with the majority of structures and locations.

The artistic composition and safety of every installation is of paramount importance to us and in which our experience plays a vital role in both these areas.

Further to this, all our decoration is made by ourselves, so the extremes and unpredictability of weather conditions are also considered within the design and manufacture by using strong and fire-resistant materials and fittings.

Most of our decoration is designed to be portable, which enables us to fly to the majority of locations around the globe. Stage pieces and themed scenery would need to utilize a land transport system, if required. Other options also include on-site creativity, but only with advanced arrangement and availability of materials.


Marquees present the perfect location due to their protection from the elements, secure fixing locations and adequate interior height.

View some of our stunning previous installations to understand our décor concept and inspire your imagination.

Open Air

An Open Air event presents unique logistics that need forward planning for a safe and secure installation.

Possibilities include sunken poles, scaffold towers or tall, strong trees to attach tensile steel cabling, enabling the manifestation of one of our Worlds of Wonder.

View our amazing previous installations and experience artwork under the stars that looks beautiful during the day

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