Worlds of Wonder Decor

How much does it cost?

Each installation is different and depends upon factors such as:

  • Size of event
  • Location of event
  • Complexity/difficulty of setup
  • Décor required

We will give a quotation based upon this information .

Do you use fire retardant fabrics?

Yes, all of our artwork is produced on inherently fire retardant fabrics, such as Trevira CS or sprayed with fire retardant on site to conform with requirements.

Why do you see visuals as an important part of an event?

We believe in the magic of visual alchemy and transforming dull or bland venues into fantasy worlds. People respond when surrounded by beautiful art and effects. It can set the scene and the mood of any celebration.

Can you transport the décor easily?

All our décor is designed to pack into easily transportable sizes. Drapes fold flat and inflatables of a very large size can fit into bags which makes it perfect for air transport. Though some of our larger stage scenery is only transportable by road.

Where are you based and how far can you travel to install the décor?

We are based in Spain, near to Alicante, which has an airport with good connections throughout Europe as well as frequent van deliveries to France, Germany and the UK.

We have travelled to destinations all over Europe as well as international countries such as Mexico and Nepal.

How long does it take to install the decoration?

Each event is unique.

Large events in Marquees for up to 4000people can take between 3 – 5 days whereas as smaller ones can be mounted on the day. It depends upon the size of the installation, location, theme and logistics to speculate the time needed to install a World of Wonder.

Is the decoration for sale?

Most of our decoration is for hire only.

However, we do have a shop on our site where you can purchase various items that we produce, such as inflatables and individual paintings. Commissions can also be taken.

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