Worlds of Wonder Decor


The materials we use to paint our artwork on have always been selected with certain criteria in mind. Above all we always choose materials that are flameproofed so that they comply with the fire regulations for interior spaces. Another factor is how well the acrylic medium we use flows over the material and whether it takes this acrylic without peeling. This was the first material we used when we started painting decor in 1993.   Since most of our work was in clubs and interior spaces, this was the best option as it created a blackout across spaces and was strong enough to endure the rigours of regular use. The one problem we encountered was that since Bolton Twill was made from natural fibres, it meant its condition began to deteriorate over time. Our search for other options resulted in the discovery of Trevira CS, which we have been using ever since The fibres on this material are polymer based which means that they are produced as a fire retardant product and can never be washed out like the other materials. Further to this the material is lighter and stronger, enabling it to last much longer and is beautiful to paint on. Most of our festival decor is painted on a white, cotton canvas, which gives a more vibrant colour and negates the need for a base coat. This material is very strong and has passed the tests of time at many a festival and outdoor event. This material also gives us the ability of using other non-UV pigments alongside our UV ones so that we can produce artwork that appeals during the day as well as the night.