Worlds of Wonder Decor

The Summer So Far…….Latest Installations

Things have been very busy so far this summer, without a moment to update our blogs
since our site was launched. So, to keep you up to date this is a quick resumé of
our summer so far. We will write more detailed descriptions of each decor installation
later in the year.

WOW Deco Bespoke Event, Ibiza - World of Nature & Buddha Garden

The weekend of June 14th took us to Ibiza, to decorate a private ‘Birthday’ event at
a villa in the north-east of the island. The decoration was installed over 2 evenings,
as the temperature during the day makes activity very difficult. We transformed the
garden space and poolside with our newly formed Buddha Garden theme, alongside our
World of Nature, to create the perfect space for such a celebration.

WOW Deco Bespoke Event, Ibiza - World of Nature & Buddha Garden (night)

La Noche de San Juan (Midsummers Eve) is celebrated throughout Spain, and this year
it took us to Calafell, Catalunya for the La Masia Summer Festival. Our first
installation for this festival, which proved to be quite an endurance preparing
everything for the 6am start, but the WOW effect was manifested in the Techno area
and throughout the VIP areas, with our Tribal World and Chakras.

WOW Deco @La Masia Summer Festival 2014 - Tribal World

The weekend of July 5th took us back for a return visit to Ibiza to make a special WOW
installation in the world famous ‘Space’ nightclub, for the ‘El Row Ibiza’ night held there
every Saturday. The theme for this event was ‘Psychedelic Trip’, which meant the
installation of our flowers, butterflies, inflatables and artwork to create the perfect
psychedelic environment that amazed everyone.

WOW Deco @Space Ibiza, Row Ibiza - Psychedelic Trip 1

Monegros Desert Festival contacted us for a 3rd return visit to Fraga, in the north of Spain,
for the weekend of July 19th, where we reinstalled the decor we used in Ibiza for the
‘El Row’ stage. Augmenting their lycra roof with our WOW Decor completed the psychedelic
theme required for this stage to create a stunning visual display of artwork, colour and
other surreal elements that are found within our Worlds Of Wonder decoration.

WOW Deco @ Monegros Desert Festival 2014 - Psychedelic Trip

Now August is approaching as we prepare for a visit to the north of Spain for our
second visit to Millenium Nightclub, Sils, for a Summer Showcase with 3 areas to decorate,
so back to loading our van and setting off into the second half of the long, hot spanish


Welcome to Wow Décor

Why themed decoration?

We discovered our expression of uv art could be combined with other, sympathetic elements to expand into a ‘composed’ environment. This became evident as we developed our first environment, inspired by the party location & experiences of Koh PhaN-Gan.

The Blue Moon/Full Moon party on the peninsular of Haad Rin in 1990 changed our lives forever. Our first journey into electronic music and dance parties also included the fluorescent spectrum of UV reactive colours and paints. Body Painting soon evolved into requests for T-shirts and backdrops for bars.

On our return to the UK we started our quest for finding the same blissful experiences of the island. We were disappointed to find venues in sport centres and halls with little or no attention paid to the ambience within the space. This process soon inspired to
create UV reactive artwork, on large pieces of black fabric to enable them to be visible and effective in large (or small) venues. Producing pieces along the same theme came naturally and so our World of Nature came into being.

A chance meeting at the Brighton festival introduced us, and our artwork, to a representative of The Ministry of Sound in London. This was , and still is, one of the most known underground clubs in the UK and so a commission to produce an underwater theme for a sequence of events inspired our next theme ‘Marine World’.

We started to notice the uniquely different energy and atmosphere that each theme manifested at an event and so our fascination with themed decoration took off and has now become the Worlds of Wonder that you see today.