Worlds of Wonder Decor

croppedOur History

The universe is a constant of change and development, and this has been our story so far since we started decoration for events in 1993.

Originally operating as Wildfrogz & Koh as a décor hire service for Clubs and parties in Bristol – UK, we also launched our own event as Tribe of Frog which has continued to develop and grow over the years.

Our relocation to Spain in 2001 continued the party name and experience but we operated as The Frogz UV Décor as we developed our extensive range of festival décor to what it is today.

We have evolved yet again, with the beauty of the worlds we create and the constant expression we see on the faces of the people, as they enter. We needed a name to describe this experience

“WOW!” = Worlds of Wonder.


As Frogz, we were born from the parties of Koh Pha-Gnan in the early 90’s. Inspired by the energy and fluorescent paint, our return to the UK manifested into a mission of bringing colour and art to the party scene. Bigger pieces of artwork were created, costumes developed and then entire environments followed.

Our Fantasy Forest was our first environment, as we tried to emulate the tropical lushness of the parties in Thailand. A booking from The Ministry of Sound, London inspired the development of an underwater experience, where we could use the vibrant fluoro colours as exotic fish and coral scenes – and another theme was born.

Our relocation to Bristol meant an expansion into an active club/party network and an ever-growing reputation for beautiful installations. More themes were developed alongside our own event – Tribe of Frog at The Depot, Bristol in 1999.

After years of involvement with décor and parties on the island of Ibiza during the summer months, we relocated there in 2001, to run our Tribe of Frog party at a venue in the north of the island called Las Dalias. After four crazy seasons the Spanish mainland beckoned to us, due to the logistics and expense of operating from the island. Our new life on the peninsula brought on many changes including the change of our name to The Frogz – the name people always called us.

Another was our transition from club décor to decoration for outdoor events and festivals, the benefit of the climate of southern Europe. This meant a new approach on our installations to account for the rigours of the elements and the presentation of the artwork. Stronger materials were used and a variation of fluoro and non-fluoro colours blended, to create environments that look beautiful both day and night.

Due to this expansion, our collection now creates complete worlds of mesmeric beauty and dreamy delight to enhance and compliment every type of event and occasion. The need to express this has given rise to our new change of name.

Welcome to our WOW Deco – Worlds of Wonder and get a taste of the WOW factor that has brought smiles to the faces of thousands of people.